Bradley Cooper flipped burgers at Burger King

Ahead of his role as a chef in new movie, Bradley gets some on-the-job training.

Just when you vowed to start eating healthy and ditch the fast food runs, Bradley Cooper goes and gets a gig at Burger King. Ok, so he worked at the Leicester Square, London store… but the price of flights would be totally worth it to get served a whopper by the Hollywood hunk.

Bradley spent Sunday evening training at Burger King, learning how to flip burgers and cook fries, for his next role as a chef in his as yet unnamed flick. Once he’d wrapped up his work experience, the crew even filmed a few scenes at the restaurant.

Best. Dinner. Ever.

“Bradley was training alongside genuine Burger King staff,” a source told The Sun newspaper. “The aim was to learn the ‘art of the flip’ which he nailed fairly quickly.”

“There was no real fanfare from him. You’d never know he was a big star by the way he spoke to people.”

Bradley stars as a chef looking to gain his third Michelin star and put together his dream team for the world’s best restaurant - including Uma Thurman, Sienna Miller and 50 Shades babe Jamie Dornan.

Reckon his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse is a fan of his cooking?