Brandon Jenner admits to kissing Kim

While on holiday, Brody Jenner tells Kris it was his brother that had a thing for Kim Kardashian.

In last week’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Brody Jenner suffered the awkward moment of walking in on his step-sister Kim taking selfies in a white see-through dress. He jokingly said it gave him a “half-chub”, and the internet blew up about it.

Keen to take the heat off himself, Brody points the finger at his brother Brandon in this week’s ep.

While the reality family enjoy lunch on a boat during a sightseeing trip in Thailand, Brody explains what happened to his stepmum Kris Jenner. She accuses him of having a thing for Kim since they were kids, but Brody is quick to answer back.

“That was him and Kim!” he says, pointing at Brandon across the table. “They kissed back in the day!”

“You kissed kim?!” Kris exclaims. Meanwhile, Brandon’s super cute wife Leah is sitting at the table laughing at the situation her husband has gotten himself into.

“It’s on you now!” Brody adds. “And he knows it’s true!”

Brandon manages to divert their attention with the view, but now the clip is on the web so there’s no hope of distracting fans from this news.

Check out the clip below: