There is a Brazilian Megan Fox in the world and she’s freaking GORGEOUS

Step aside, Mexican Kim Kardashian.

brazilian megan fox

Forget Disney princesses reimagined as other things*, because regular people who look heaps like celebrities is fast becoming our favourite thing on the internet.

Hot on the heels of the Mexican Kim Kardashian and this chick who looks like Katy Perry, Claudia Alende has garnered a huge social media following for being the spitting image of Megan Fox.

Claudia is from Parana, Brazil, and is also known for competing in last year’s Miss Bum Bum competition, which is held annually to find the best arse in Brazil. #goals

Although she lost the competition, she has now got over a million followers on Instagram because people picked up on the uncanny resemblance. TBH, it’s pretty glaringly obvious:

*We will never forget really.