Britney Spears responds to Lifetime’s shitty biopic with a fierce AF nude


By Natasha Harding
Britney Spears

ICYMI, Britney Spears’ unoffish Lifetime biopic Britney Ever After launched over the weekend and fans were not happy Jans.

The movie depicted the ‘90s kween in a way harsh light, with celebrities and Britney-lovers across the world kicking off on Twitter, saying they felt ‘personally victimised’ by the whole damn thing.

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Now the ledge herself has responded to the dramz and it’s the classiest effing thing.

Overnight Brit took to Insta to share an arsty (not to mention hella sexy) nude and WHOA:

While the picture has no caption, we all know the message this picture is sending: ‘you can drag me in a shithouse movie all you like, but you will never be Britney, bitch’ – or something along those lines.

The takeaway? Nobody gets away with slagging off Britney without a sassy AF response.

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