I stalked Britney Spears’ new boyfriend and here are 6 things I learnt

Internet stalked, people. INTERNET stalked.

By Erin Cook

ICYMI: Britney Spears has a new boyfriend.

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And he’s H.O.T.

Her new squeeze is Sam Asghari and things must be getting serious because Brit posted this cute AF pic of the pair before the Grammys.

Although I’ve technically never met Britters, she feels like an actual friend of mine. We’ve been through a lot together, okay? We met not long after ‘…Baby One More Time’ and we’ve been through breakups, breakdowns, marriages AND two divorces.

So, naturally, I had to dig around a little bit to find out more about Sam Asghari to make sure that he’s good enough for her.

Here are 6 things I learnt:

1. He’s an actor

In fact, Brit met her new boytoy on set, whilst filming the video for her single Slumber Party.

Asghari plays her love interest and apparently, the two got to talking between shots.

2. He can lift, bro

The proof? THIS:

How bow dah?! Cash him in the gym.

3. Oh, and he’s a model too

See below.

Well, helloooo sailor.

4. He can read and write farsi

Who’d have thunk it?

5. He’s got a way with words

“I don’t think you’re beautiful, I think you’re beyond it.” Someone call Hallmark – we need to see this piece of poetry on a greeting card, stat!

6. He used to play football

TBH, we’d probably hide if we saw Asghari running at us on the footy field. (Refer to point 2.)