Britney Spears just went full Mariah Carey on Taylor Swift

“I’ve never met her before.”

By Natasha Harding

It seems Britney Spears is taking a page out of Mariah Carey’s ~KwEeN of ShAdE~ book by flat-out denying ever meeting Taylor Swift. In an interview on the Kylie and Jackie O Show, Britney was asked who she’d rather sit next to on a 24-hour flight, Katy Perry or Taylor Swift, and this was her response:

"I don't know. I don't know, that's hard," Britney said. "They're both so cool … I've briefly met Katy Perry at the Smurfs movie premiere. Maybe because I've met Katy Perry I would say Taylor Swift, because I've never met her before."

Wait, what?? We (and the rest of the internet) are calling bullsht RN 'cause Britney has* met Taylor before. TWICE.

Back in 2003, Britney was snapped with T-Swizzle and the two look pretty chummy.

Given their first meeting was a while ago, we might be able to understand how Brit may have forgotten about the encounter if they hadn’t gone and met again at the 2008 VMAs (y’know, the same year ‘You Belong With Me’ was all the rage?).

Here's what the Twittersphere has to say about the shade-throwing sitch.

Maybe all this snake-holding shiz was a sign of things to come... WHO KNOWS. TBF, it doesn't sound like Brit was declaring her stance on the Taylor Vs. Kimye feud but then again who woud just forget that they met one of the most famous women in the world, twice?

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