Somebody leaked Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ without auto-tune and HOLY WOAH

Warning: You will never see Britney in the same way again after this.

By Emily Kerr
britney spears toxic

Let’s be real, ‘90s pop kweens like HRH Britney Spears aren’t exactly known for their singing capabilities. Sure, they’ve had banging tunes, sell-out tours and insanely successful albums, but the actual voices underneath all that were rarely appreciated. In fact, it’s often just assumed that they relied heavily on auto-tune for their vocals, and let their jacked-up dance routines and on-stage stunts do most of the talking.

WELL - NOT ANY MORE - because thanks to some sneaky online leaking, Britney can now prove everyone wrong on that front.

Yesterday, the internet uncovered a previously unheard version ‘Toxic’ sans auto-tune. And while the cynical music fans among us may assume this has disaster written all over it, in fact, Britney WOWS with her stripped back vocals. Go on, treat your ears to a listen:

We’ll consider her redeemed after that time she mimed her way through the track with James Corden on Carpool Karaoke, obviously entirely missing the point of the sketch. Bless.

Never change, Brit.

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