Bumper from Pitch Perfect confirmed Zac Efron’s penis is majestic

Well, he said “handsome” but we took it as ~majestic~.

By Lorna Gray
Zac Efron's penis

We’d be lying if we said we hadn’t thought about Zac Efron naked before. And now we’re allowing our seedy, seedy minds to drift to the vicinity of Zac’s junk once again. All because of the perfect visual Adam DeVine (aka Pitch Perfect’s Bumper) has gifted upon us.

He told The Daily Mail in a new interview, he’s been dying to get a glimpse of Zac’s peen for a while now (literally same, babes), dating back to Zac's cameo on his TV show Workaholics* in 2014.

They’re now starring in new movie Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates*, and Adam finally got to see ‘little Zac.’ He didn’t tell us why or how but confirmed: "'It's a very handsome dick."

He added that "it's just as veiny as his arms.” We’re going to forget that part.

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