Caitlin Jenner says she thinks Donald Trump is good for women


By Mel Evans
Caitlyn Jenner on Donald Trump

Caitlin Jenner has long held a conservative view of politics. Which is interesting, seeing as she is obviously a massive advocate for the transgender community! Nevertheless, she sits on the right. And has made no secret of that.

But, as all celebrities seem to, she’s commented on the current political race and, quite surprisingly, she’s got some good feelings about Trump.

She thinks that seeing as ol’ mate opposed North Carolina’s transgender bathroom law, it indicates he’s “very much for women” and “very much behind the LGBT community”.

Disclaimer: she did want to throw out here that Democrats are known for being “better” with LGBT and women’s issues.

Still, she seems to have missed the bit where Trump said he’d consider overturning the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality. And when he said North Carolina should still have the right to enact said bathroom law. And then when he said women who get abortions should be punished. And then when he followed that up by changing his mind and said only the doctors who performed them should be punished. Trump, #amiright?

Caitlin said “there’s a lot more unknowns” with Trump. But back in March, she said on I Am Cait that Hillary Clinton “couldn’t care less about women” but in May, after meeting the Democrat nominee, “I have to admit, I think she’s very good on transgender rights.”

Ah man, the campaign trail, eh?

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