Update: Calvin Harris re-follows Taylor Swift and sets the record straight about their breakup

She controlled the media and this situation, I had no idea what was going on.

By Natasha Harding

UPDATE 24/06/16: Another day, another update on the Taylor Swift/Calvin Harris/Tom Hiddleston drama. After deleting all pics of each other on Insta, Calvin went one step further by deleting his amicable tweet about his break up with Tay, and actually unfollowing her AND her bro, Austin, on Twitter and Instagram (which made us beyond sad).

Well, turns out Cal realised he might have gone a bit too far as pics emerge showing he's refollowed Tay and Austin again.

ICYMI, Austin seemed to be pretty good mates with Cal when the DJ was dating his sis, posting pics backstage at Cal's concerts like a fanboy.

And here they are partying together on NYE (Austin and Cal are the ones on the right).

While he's reached out the olive branch to Tay and her bro, it seems Cal isn't completely over the crap he's copped from their breakup, responding to haters on Insta to clear up any misconceptions, including why he's been radio silent on the breakup and why he wore those Yeezys.

He also said Tay's fans need to grow up and stop being so slack to him (remember how he even blocked a few?).

The most telling comment of all was when one fan wrote: “For all we know Taylor broke up with him to be with another man and that is quite upsetting. I would be hurt by that too. He's not being mean. He deserves to feel free while he's single and not feel jealous."

And Calvin simply responded, "You're the only smart one on this point". So basically, this latest series of events has got us all feeling pretty sad for him RN.

In true celeb style, the comments have since been deleted, but the folks of the Internet did some sneaky screengrabbin' to make sure they never truly vanish.

We just hope these subtle digs at Tay don't stop these guys patching things up...

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UPDATE 17/06/16: While we've all be kinda confused as to what the actual eff went down between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris in regards to the whole Tom Hiddleston thing, the face they've both been super quiet on the matter, and deleted all social media evidence that they were even a couple, confirms it probs wasn't amazing.

A recent video from TMZ shows the paps asking Calvin 'Adam Wiles' Harris how he feels about the new pics of Tay and Tom, and whether he thinks Tay 'betrayed' him.

Cal, looking smiley AF and obvs putting on a bit of a front, responds, "she's doing her thing," which makes us think they might be back on speaking terms again? But when the paps follow up, asking for a tinsy bit more info, he just says, "she's doing her thing, dude." Okaayyyyy then? No info on what Tay's 'thing' actually is, but as soon as we know, you'll know.

ORIGINAL STORY: After pics surface of Taylor Swift hooking up with a new bae, Tom Hiddleston, on a beach near Tay’s Rhode Island mansion and dancing together like they DGAF at the Met Gala, ex-boyf Calvin Harris is having the typical guy response to his split with Tay.

To clarify, sources say it was Calvin who broke up with T-Swizzle nearly a month ago after the couple went out for one glorious year, so no, ‘it’s too soon’, arguments to be had here tyvm. But Calvin doesn’t seem happy that she’s moving on…

In addition to hitting the gym (probs to get a hot AF revenge bod), he actually UNFOLLOWED TAYLOR ON TWITTER. Kay Cal, that’s kinda petty but you’re obvs hurting RN so we’ll let this one slide.

But whaddaya know? He’s also gone and deleted that super amicable breakup tweet:

… which makes us sad.

Calvin’s even blocked some of Tay’s fans in a not-so-smooth cutting of ties. Wow.

Here we were thinking the muso dude would handle it like a champ.

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