Can you spot the naked Khloe Kardashian?

She 'accidentally' popped up in Kylie's Instagram pic. DOH.

By Samantha Steward

The Kardashian family’s selfies are so out of control not even Anna Wintour can do anything about it. And now they are popping up ~accidently~ nude in the instagrams of innocent bystanders.

Well, sort of…

Celebrity makeup artist Joyce Bonelli uploaded THIS selfie with Kylie Jenner which features a whole lot of pouting, head tilts and smizing. Standard. But Kylie’s lips weren’t the centre of attention this time. Instead, it was more of a REAL LIFE GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA kind of moment, except it was Khloe sans clothes.

In the top right hand corner Khloe appears to be standing topless holding a shirt that she is contemplating putting on, while a dressing gown is slung very low on her hips.


But Like most Kardashian-related scandals, we have a feeling this snap wasn’t an accidental upload. Firstly the caption pretty much gives away any idea that the snap is just a slip of the eye.

“@kyliejenner it's really not about us though,” oh, and Khloe is also tagged by the way.

We also have to point out the obvious fact that Khlo’s arms are in a very unnatural stance – no one holds a shirt up like that - as she covers her nipples. Which means she very conveniently makes the cut on instagram nakedness guidelines. Coz you don’t want a nip slip to stop you from getting the likes, right?

Very subtle, ladies. Very subtle.