Candice Swanepoel just gave birth to a baby boy

AKA, baby angel <33.

By Natasha Harding
candice swanepoel

After nine months of crazy cute Insta snaps and looking like a ray of frekkin' sunshine Victoria's Secret Angel, Candice Swanepoel, and her fiancé Hermann Nicoli have just given birth to a baby boy! Woop and yay!

According to E News the couple's photographer friend Jerome Duran took to Instagram shortly after to congratulate them on their baby boy...

The little boy is officially the proud owner of the world's coolest name, Anacã, which translates in African-Hausa to 'sweetness of face' and also refers to a Brazilian bird species which is kinda perfect given Candice's South African and Hermann's Brazilian heritage.

Fellow Angel Lily Aldridge also shared an epic throwback photo of herself and Candice with Behati Prinsloo, who gave birth last month.

Apart from being one genetically #blessed kiddo, we already know baby angel is going to have the most adorable parents in town 'cause this:

Now we just sit back and wait for the baby pics to roll in...