Cara Delevingne is your Hogwarts tour guide

Didn’t you know, guys? Models always hang out at Hogwarts.

If you still haven’t received your letter from Hogwarts (let it go, people!) this might be hard to watch. Because, on top of dominating the catwalk, Cara Delevingne totally lives there.

The world's most wanted model, who covers Vogue’s September issue alongside Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss, has given us an MTV Cribs style tour of her house. Which just so happens to be Hogwarts, the castle from Harry Potter.

Cara jokingly walks around Warner Bros. studio (where HP was filmed in London) and introduces each room as if it was her real-life home.

Our fave part? When Cara refers to a wall covered in portraits as the place “where her Instagram began."