Cara Inc.

Proving she has beauty and brains, uber model Cara Delevingne has trademarked her name...

To call model Cara Delevingne just a pretty face would be a massive understatement, there’s more to this fash icon than meets the eye. The 20-year-old sartorial star has taken steps to trademark her name, making sure she’s the only one who can profit from her growing celebrity. Pretty smart idea, right?

In a saavy move, the model has set up a company with her dad, property developer Charles Delevingne, called Cara & Co., and has submitted paperwork with the Intellectual Property Office to secure the sole right to use her famous moniker.

In other words, she can use her name as a marketing tool, but everyone else needs to cough up cash for the privilege. She isn’t the first budding icon to trademark her name either – both Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham have registered theirs.

The fash-loving model has also said she’d like to design clothes one day:

“I would love to design my own range of t-shirts, really beautiful and simple t-shirts,” she said on a recent shoot. “I love them and wear them all the time and I can never find really plain ones. The devil is in the detail.”

Fingers crossed, this move means we can catch a glimpse at a Cara clothing line soon because if you follow her on instagram you’d know that this is one Brit girl who is definitely worthy of style steals.