Celebs react to the Kim Kardashian/Taylor Swift sh*tfight

Selena Gomez gets called out for her silence about #BlackLivesMatter.

By Natasha Harding

In light of all the Kim Kardashian/Kanye West/Taylor Swift dramz that went down yesterday, fellow celebs have reacted to the sitch on Twitter with T-Swizzle’s squad coming to their Kween’s defense.

Gals pals, Martha Hunt and Ruby Rose (who attended Tay’s EPIC 4th of July party) have weighed in on the matter, calling for peeps to stop being so judgey about the whole thing.

Justin Bieber agreed, sharing a semi-creepy vid on Insta preaching the 'less hate, more love' message while his ex, and squad VP, Selena Gomez encouraged peeps to use their voice for the 'more important' issues in the world.

But here's where things get awks AF...

Twitter user, @prasejeebus, agreed 100% with Sel's 'holier than thou' message before calling her out as a hypocrite, as neither Sel nor Tay have spoken about the #BlackLivesMatter movement or police brutality issues in the US.

To make things worse, Sel hit back with a facepalm-worthy response before realising the error of her ways and quickly deleting it.

Seriously though Sel, 'you don't know what I do'? Cringe.

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But not all of Tay's squad are declaring their allegiance to her, with Zendaya 'liking' some pretty telling Tweets...

Then, Camilla Belle (y'know, the chick Tay supposedly dissed in her song Better Than Revenge?) shared a hella pointed anti-Tay Insta post...

Last, but not least is Katy Perry, who is almost deffs #TeamKimye ('cause Tay and Katy go wayyyy back, and not in a good way), who decided to keep her Twitter account social Switzerland, while casually plugging her new single, 'Rise'... As you do.

Watch this space to see who else decides to get in on the sinking Kim/Tay/Kanye ship.

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