Chad Michael Murray’s wife just savagely roasted Sophia Bush about her 5-month marriage

She even made a custom meme.

By Natasha Harding
chad michael murray wife

It's been over 10 years since Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray were married, but thanks to one new interview, all the early noughties break up feels just got dragged back up again.

It all started when Andy Cohen asked Sophia about her 5 month marriage to her One Tree Hill co-star from 2005-2006.

When asked why she tied the knot with Chad, Sophia revealed, she didn't really want to but felt pressured to marry him.

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Here's the excerpt in question:

Naturally, such a controversial statement didn't go unnoticed, and Chad's rep has since commented on the matter, calling Sophia's story absolutely "ludicrous."

"Chad conducts himself in a completely professional manner and would never marry for any reason but love," the rep told People. "Thirteen years since his divorce from Sophia, he has a very happy family life with his wife and children. He has completely moved on and doesn't feel the need to engage in this type of behaviour."

Far from staying out of it, Chad's wife Sarah Roemer felt the need to chime in on the matter by creating a custom (and now deleted) Instagram meme about Sophia's statement, which read "Wait a second…my producers also made me marry Chad Michael Murray!".

"#doitforthecrew," Sarah joked in the caption. "#ikid #ilovemyhusband #familyman #IwanttobeChadwhenIgrowup #13yearslater #iwishpeaceandloveforall."

Sophia's since taken to Twitter to address the fallout saying she didn't intend to hurt anyone's feelings, and all this ~dramah~ really needs to stay back in the 2000s

"When you make fun of yourself and how you fell prey to the way society teaches so, so many young women to value the feelings and opinions of others above their own and above what's good for them, and have a larger topical discussion about how you've learned to undo said culturing and stand, unwavering, for yourself and others, and cheesy humans (can we even call them reporters??) come for your personal evolution and attempt to start drama that belongs in the early 2000's." Sophia wrote.

"AND your very personal experience then gets mansplained to you? Yeah. My lesser self would've been having an anxiety attack all night from this bullshit. My higher self had cocktails with friends and reclaimed this amazing week, the joy of crossing items off my bucket list, and ALL MY TIME."

Wowwww. This is all too much to take in first thing on a Monday, we're gonna need to sit down to digest what just happened.

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