Channing Tatum backflips and strips

Suddenly we’re huge Bear Grylls fans.

Channing Tatum is the latest hot celeb to hit the wilderness with adventurist Bear Grylls for his new TV show – which is fast becoming our favourite thing.

Following Zac Efron scaling down mountains, Channing put in his bid for the ‘hardest man in Hollywood’ title, by accepting a dare to backflip out of a helicopter on Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

After plunging from a very scary height into water that in our imagination was filled with crocodiles and various other river monsters, real-life action man, Bear, persuaded Chan to strip off his soaking wet trousers.

Seriously, somebody give this guy a medal!

For his second, slightly less scary task, Channing gets to put some more of his Magic Mike skills to good use, teaching the rhythmically challenged Bear to dance atop a cliff top.

“Bear is a completely horrid dancer, but there is still hope,” he tells the camera.

“He actually can move, he just looks a little goofy doing it.”

Yeah, he is rubbish. You better keep dancing to show him how it's done, Chan. Just keep dancing. ALWAYS.