Prince Harry’s ex, Chelsy Davy, talks about what it was like going out with a royal for 7 years

Let’s be honest, we're all kinda curious.

By Natasha Harding

If we said we’d literally never thought about what I’d be like to date a royal, we’d be lying. I mean, aside from going out with a prince IRL, living that #palacelyf has got to have some serious perks, right? Welp according to Chelsy Davy, who was in a 7-year LTR with Prince Harry, turns out it’s not all tea and tiaras. Shiz actually got pretty intense.

Rewind back before Harry met Ellie Goulding (who he’s currently rumoured to be dating) and he was on his gap year in Cape Town. It was here that Hazza and Chels started going out for a loooong time before deciding to split in 2010.

Since then, Chels has kept their whole relationship on the down-low. The fact she was invited to the Royal Wedding (AKA the Wedding of the Century) the next year makes us think she’s still on good terms with the royal fam… but we’re still left wondering what actually made them break things off?

In an interview with the Times, Chelsy says that, contrary to what you might think, her relationship with the Prince was ‘crazy and scary’. And before you ask, no, it wasn’t because of Harry (‘cause honestly, who could ever find this big ball of fun scary?).

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Apparently it was the paps’ constant hunt for the perf pic of the couple that freaked Chels out. 'It was so full-on: crazy and scary and uncomfortable,’ she explains. ‘I found it very difficult when it was bad. I couldn't cope.'

Chels was quite young at the time and says she was just ‘trying to be a normal kid and [the media attention] was horrible.’

When the two announced their break up, the paps got next-level crazy (as you can imagine) and Chels decided to move back to Africa. 'It was nuts,' she says. ‘Now it's calm, it's fine.'

Wow, and to think we found regular break ups were hard…

Chels went on to say that she and Haz will always be friends, which is super nice to hear, but it sounds like it all just got too much for her and she wanted to hall-ass out of there.

At least she could leave. No hard feelings though Harry, yeah?

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