Chris Brown arrested after stepping off stage at Florida concert

TMZ reports police were quite literally waiting in the wings to arrest him after a performance.

By Lorna Gray

Chris Brown has been arrested following a performance in Florida

TMZ reports the singer was arrested as soon as he stopped performing at the Coral Sky Ampitheatre in West Palm Beach "where several officers were waiting in the wings."

As per TMZ: "Chris Brown hopped off the stage and into a police cruiser after cops arrested him following a concert in Florida"

The police station said he was released after paying a US$2,000 bond and posted to Instagram shortly after:

While it's not his first brush with the law, it's unclear why he was arrested.

Brown has a tendency to find himself in unsavoury situations, to which he has been the perpetrator one too many times.

Convicted of assaulting Rihanna in 2009, he's been on the wrong side of the law more times than we can count, including multiple assault accusations, a police standoff at his house, and being accused of having a "rape house"

More as the story develops.