VIDEO: Remember when Chris Hemsworth was on Dancing with the Stars?

Never forget.

By Erin Cook

We all know and love Chris Hemsworth as a big-shot Hollywood actor… But it wasn’t always that way.

Let’s go back to 2006, shall we? To a simpler time when Hemsworth was just 23-years-old and was busy trying to fit in Dancing with the Stars practice in between filming scenes for Home and Away.

Yep – that’s right – Hemsworth was a contender in the 2006 edition of Dancing with the Stars.


During a 2011 interview with Jay Leno, Hemsworth said he never really felt comfortable with his dancing ability. “I wasn't much of a dancer. You know, down at the pubs with your mates and a few beers having a dance is a little different than the ballroom. It doesn't really translate.”

Well, Chris, judging by your ~smooth moves~ and gyrating around the dance floor, we think you look super comfortable.

Out of a pool of 10 contestants, Hemsworth came in 5th place.