Chris Hemsworth's Tourism Australia salary has been revealed

And it proves he's bang for your buck.

By Jessica Chandra

Tourism Australia must thank their lucky stars every day that they signed Chris Hemsworth as their ambassador.

The superstar actor could not have been a better choice. For one, he's one of the most famous actors in the world right now. And he actually lives in Byron Bay with his Spanish hottie wife, Elsa Pataky, and their three cute kids, so any time he steps outside his house, snaps a picture and posts it to his 14.5 million Instagram followers, he's advertising the country.

The fact that Chris loves living an adventurous, outdoorsy life is also perfect. He surfs, he rides dirtbikes, swims with dolphins and hugs koalas on the reg, apparently.

He even shares postcard-like pictures with sarcastic comments! What a funny guy.

Let's not forget that he helped showcase Australia to America — with the help of some very famous Aussie friends, including Hugh Jackman and Margot Robbie — when he filmed a Dundee sequel trailer that was actually an ad that aired during the Super Bowl.

So after seeing all the great work Chris has done for Australia, have you ever wondered how much he got paid for the important gig?

According to the Courier Mail, when Tourism Australia signed Chris in 2016 he was paid $1.25 million. As for what he has generated, it's an Estimated Advertising Value of $170.97 million so far.

Talk about getting bang for your buck!

A spokesperson for Tourism Australia said Chris had delivered "exceptional results" as an ambassador.

If $1.25 million seems too modest, just remember that Chris earned around $40 million last year alone, thanks to his role as Thor in Thor: Ragnarok. And he gets to travel around the country doing cool shit. So we think he's doing just fine.