This video of Chris Martin’s kids singing with him on stage will give you FEELS

Did we mention they’re also super talented??

By Natasha Harding
chris martin

Remember when Gywneth Paltrow named her daughter ‘Apple’ and it was all anyone could talk about? Well, get ready to feel old AF because that was 12 whole years ago. Fast-forward to today and Apple is now grown up and has a younger brother Moses (10) and turns out they’re both as genetically #blessed as their ‘rents.

Videos of the siblings at a Malibu fundraiser have recently surfaced and we've learnt two things about the bro and sis: First, they’re hella adorable (obvs). And second, they’ve inherited their dad's insane muso talent. Um, family jackpot or what?

First up Apple sung her own version of Ariana Grande’s classic, ‘Just a Little Bit of Your Heart’ and totally #nailedit.

Then Moses cracked out a bit of One Pilot’s ‘House of Gold’ and we can’t even deal.

Meanwhile Chris is obvs proud as frekkin’ punch in the background watching his prodigy offspring. For what it’s worth, so are we Chris. So are we <33.

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