Chris Pratt's post-breakup social media activity is heartbreaking

“Gone fishin.”

By Jessica Chandra

It’s only been a few hours since Chris Pratt and Anna Farisseparation news rocked the world. The couple, who are parents to an adorable son named Jack, took to social media at the same time to announce they were splitting after eight years of marriage.

Chris shared the message on Facebook, writing:

He signed off with both of their names.

Anna’s message on Instagram pretty much said the same thing.

Given that Chris and Anna were basically #RelationshipGoals, and didn’t seem to show any signs of a rocky marriage, this news left everyone SHOOK.

Guys, we’re all in this together.

In the hours following the news, Chris has updated pretty much all of his social media accounts to say he’s “gone fishin” — which, as we all know, means he’s taking a break from everything.

In the space of 30 minutes he updated his Facebook profile picture three times — two photos were fishing ones — until he settled on this picture of a sun and its reflection against the water.

He made the sun picture his cover photo as well.

On Instagram, Chris’ bio used to read, “I use my twitter for jokes mostly. But I use my Instagram for deeper more meaningful stuff like pictures mostly.”

Now it says, “Gone fishin,” with the same sun photo.

And it’s the same with his Twitter account.

It’s actually really heartbreaking, as this is completely different from the Chris Pratt everyone is used to seeing. But as he’s going through something extremely personal and tough, it makes sense he’s trying to get away from it all.

He might legit be going fishing for a while — we know he loves it, and what better way to escape than by getting back to nature?