Chrissy Teigen got drunk at the Grammys and what happened after is peak Chrissy


By Jessica Chandra
Chrissy Teigen John Legend Grammys

It’s not like we expected anything different from our favourite party kween, but it looks like Chrissy Teigen had a really, really good time at the Grammys yesterday.

She got to attend with John Legend, who performed during the show.

She had a fresh haircut.

She had one of the best seats in the house for Beyoncé’s performance, which left her “dead.”

And she got to talk to Jennifer Lopez.

Oh, and she also got to sit next to Jason Derulo for the show, so she was definitely living her best life.

But Chrissy’s finest Grammy moments happened AFTER the show. She got a little loose – ’cos that’s what you do when you’re a mum on a night out, and that night out happens to be the biggest night in music – and experienced the very real #struggles we all have when you need to do normal things but are too tipsy to do them.

Of course she Snapchatted everything.

Like when she, John and a friend tried to assemble a game called Toilet Trouble, which literally squirts water out of a mini toilet into someone’s face.

And when she got home and all she could make was two-minute ramen noodles.

And when she needed John to help take off her jewellery ’cos there was no way she was getting those necklaces off herself.


Chivalry is NOT dead.