Chrissy Teigen gets real about what happens to your body after childbirth

“No one told me I would be coming home in diapers too.”

There are many wonderful things about Chrissy Teigen, but the absolute best has to be her DGAF attitude and brutal honesty. So we’re both wincing and LOLing in equal measures over her latest Twitter outpouring.

As we all know by now, Chrissy birthed the most adorable baby in all the land* earlier this week, little Luna Simone Stephens. But what’s NOT so adorable is the real AF post-birth issues Chrissy is having to deal with.

Self spoke with a midwife about WTF a Perineal Irrigation bottle is, and it’s about as gross as it sounds.

“If you have any kind of tear when you have a baby, it burns horribly when you urinate,” Nancy Herta, M.D., an ob-gyn at Michigan State University explains. “As you urinate, you squirt warm water to dilute it so that it doesn’t hurt as much.”

So it’s basically a gentler alternative to toilet paper for women who’ve given birth vaginally. And while we’re all thinking about Chrissy Teigen’s vagina, she also shared this nugget of info about her trip home from hospital:

You can always count on Chrissy to tell it how it is. Even if it was a bit different to what she predicted:

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**Turn of phrase only. All babies are as adorable as each other.