Chrissy Teigen live tweets her 8-hour 'flight to nowhere'

‘LAX —> LAX flight complete. Flight time, 8 hours and 20 minutes.’

Barely a day goes by without Chrissy Teigen posting a witty tweet of some description. Not only does she slay Twitter on the daily, she also hilariously shuts down trolls where she can.

Recently, Chrissy was aboard a flight from LA to Tokyo that went pear shaped. While it was mean to be a simple 11-hour flight, the plane was forced to turn around after four hours, thanks to a passenger who had boarded the wrong flight.

Naturally, she wasn't too thrilled about heading back to LA.

TBH, we don't understand why the flight had to turn around either! Chrissy had a lot of questions, and she walked us through the entire experience via Twitter.

Enough from us! We'll let Chrissy's tweets explain the flight debacle. Over to you, Chrissy: