Chrissy Teigen’s Net Worth Is Truly Astonishing, Here’s How She Earned It

Money, money, money.

By Zoe Anastasiou

While you may think of Chrissy Teigen as the hilarious Queen of Twitter and mother-of-two who is married to John Legend, let it be known that Ms Teigen is also one hell of a business woman, and she has the bank balance to prove it.

As reported by Forbes, Teigen's net worth in 2017 came to a whopping total of $13.5 million USD (which is a cool $18.2 million Aussie dollars). Once the announcement was made, the model confirmed the salary via a very succinct statement on social media.

Though we think posting this gif would have been a much more appropriate form of approval.

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So, how did she make all that cash we hear you ask?

Well, Chrissy is much more than just a pretty face, meaning she hasn't relied entirely on her modelling skills alone to bring home the dollars. In fact, the Jill of All Trades has taken on several side hustles in order to become the wealthy woman she is now.

She’s hosted a television show.

While Teigen's salary for Lip Sync Battle has yet to be disclosed, we can only image that a show that makes you do this…is paying the big bucks.

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She’s a published author.

According to Cosmopolitan US, Chrissy Teigen's book, Cravings, sold an impressive 270,000 copies, making it one of the best selling cook books of 2016. Doing the math, the publication calculated that 270,000 copies sold for $29.99 each, means that the books made a crazy $8 million in sales.

Of course, there's no way that entire amount went straight into Teigen's pocket, though we're willing to bet she did profit a sizeable sum of the cash.

She understands the benefits of Instagram advertising.

Chrissy understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong with leveraging your Instagram influence to make a little side change. The model has partnered with several brands to create sponsored posts on her social media pages, which she has shared with her 18.5 million followers.

Most recently, Teigen partnered with Pampers and had daughter Luna star in several cute sponsored posts.

She’s not afraid of a collaboration.

When you have Chrissy's level of influence, brands are inevitably going to want to collaborate with you. Recently, Teigen has collaborated on a collection for Becca Cosmetics and also created a capsule collection for Revolve last year.

She’s hilarious.

Honestly, we're not entirely sure this factor has benefited Chrissy financially, but we'd like to think it has definitely made some kind of impact.