Chrissy Teigen legit went to a club and traded outfits with a stripper


Ya gurl Chrissy Teigen has done it again.

On Twitter yesterday, Chrissy gave all her followers an insight into how her weekend went down, and long story short, it involved a stripper, a body suit and a trade no one could refuse.

It all started on Sunday night when Chrissy was having a whinge about how tired she was feeling.

Chrissy wrote in a screenshot of a text: "I'm tired. Don't even know if I will make it through entire dinner."

However, somewhere throughout the night, Chrissy had a change of heart and decided to have herself a big night. Which, of course involved trading outfits with a stripper.

In a screenshot from another text, someone writes: "Well, I left Chrissy and John at da club last night and Chrissy literally traded her Lanvin jumpsuit with a stripper and went home in a mesh bodysuit."

A fan then demanded proof of the incident, and Chrissy proceeded to post a photo of the mesh bodysuit:

This isn't the first time Chrissy's casually given away her ~fancy~ clothes.

Late last year, a fan tweeted that she liked the red dress Chrissy was wearing on an episode of Lip Sync Battle and asked for it...

And being the cool chick that she is, Chrissy was like "k!" and sent the dress her way.

Can Chrissy just be our BFF already?!