Donald Trump Twitter attacks Chrissy Teigen on her birthday

After she called him out for being a "tw*t".

By Bianca Mastroianni

With so many ups in Chrissy Teigen's amazing year, like being the co-host of Spike's Lip Sync Battle and FABLife, as well as getting preggz with her first child with husband John Legend, there are the expected lows. And for her they come in the form of Donald Trump (ick).

Ya see, over Chrissy's birthday, Donald and his supporters (?) attacked her on Twitter.

Full disclosure: Chrissy did start things. She called Trump out in spectacular style, labelling him a "twat" over this tweet:

Trumpsters (?) quickly lashed out at the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, with one calling her a "Trashy gutter mouth woman," and comparing her to Donald's wife Melania Trump, which Donald retweeted to his 5 million followers.

Ummmm OK?

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Chrissy obviously hit back at the mean tweets, because girl takes shit from no one.

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Although Chrissy endured snide attacks on her birthday she also received a f* tonne of love from her fans, then retweeted the post with some epic sarcasm to prove she really DGAF:

Regardless, Chrissy is looking fiiiiierce lately with her adorable bump and should be looking forward to the inevitably cute AF baby on its way, not worrying about Donald Trump's army of Twitter t.....rolls.

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