Chrissy Teigen has the most HILARIOUS response to being caught snoozing at the Oscars. Twice.

The Kween of Meme earns her crown yet again.

By Natasha Harding
Chrissy Teigen

All eyes were on Hollywood yesterday as our fave celebs hit up the 89th Annual Academy Awards.

From the red carpet to theawards ceremony, the dramz and then the hectic after parties, there’s a reason the Oscars is known as the biggest night of the year: it’s bloody exhausting. Just ask Chrissy Teigen, who was caught on camera having a sneaky mid-show snooze.

Of course, we all know Chrissy T doesn’t take red carpet events too seriously. Earlier this year she decided she DGAF about ‘convention’ at the Golden Globes and decided to sit down on the red carpet. The year before, she gave us our fave cry face meme:

Now, with the internet being the internet, Chrissy’s latest relatable sitch was quickly turned into a meme:

But Kween of the Meme, Chrissy, did what she does best: took ownership of her own hilarious ways.

This morning she posted the most hilarious response on Twitter by pretending she slept through the whole damn thing:

Well played Chrissy. Well played.

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When she’s not acting as Kween of Twitter, Chrissy is busy being a kickass mum.

Before the Oscars even kicked off Chrissy shared this adorbs video of her awarding the Cutest Baby Award and, you guessed it, Luna the Legend won.

The takeaway? Chrissy Teigen is the best friend we all wish we had.