Chrissy Teigen has officially chosen her newest clapback victims: vegetarians

Only a topic like bacon could spark such a heated debate.

In this week's episode of Chrissy Claps Back (not a real show, unfortunately) Chrissy takes down an entire dietary group — vegetarians.

It all started with this innocent tweet, in which Chrissy retweeted a post from Hempler Foods Group asking which bacon was the best. She voted for number four, obvs, because it's the perfect combo of crispy and meaty.

Celebrities like Chrissy should know, though, that literally anything they tweet is subject for a disproportionate amount of flack. You would think people would chime in with which bacon they think is best, and that'd be a completely valid debate, but instead Chrissy was immediately inundated with comments like this:

And she responded to some of them. What started as a little Twitter beef got increasingly serious, with people saying Chrissy is a bad mom for... liking bacon?? Idk.

That's a pretty big leap to make from "eats bacon" to "has no compassion" to "shouldn't be a mom," if you ask me. They were also saying she was on a "high horse."

And they tweeted pictures of pigs at her to try to prove a point.

Chrissy, as she tends to do, made sure to stick up for herself amidst the controversy, and she clapped back with this gem:

Consider the mic DROPPED. And then she went on to tweet further, calling the people in her mentions "entitled."

She's referencing this, btw, in case you forgot. It's the 'gram to end all 'grams, feat her husband, John Legend.

So the lesson to be learned here is this: next time you want to pick a fight with someone online, make sure you don't challenge a cookbook author to a Twitter war about food. End of story.