Former 'Home and Away' actress Christie Hayes recalls that time she gave Chris Hemsworth a boner

Correction, a "massive" boner.

By Sammy Stewart

Former Home and Away actress Christie Hayes (you might remember her as Kirsty Sutherland) has spilled the tea on that one time she gave Chris Hemsworth (yep, the one and only) and massive erection.

Just to refresh your memory, Christie starred on the hit TV soap back in the early '00s alongside Tammin Sursok, Bec Cartwright and Ryan Kwanten.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Be Christie recalled that one time she gave her costar a massive erection, and it all started with a Pepsi commercial.

"Years ago I did an endorsement for Pepsi, ages ago in 2006, and for this commercial I bit my lip at the end of it and I thought I was the dorkiest thing in the world, it was so unsexy," Christie explained.

"Then we were all at the Borat premiere and Hemsworth was there and we saw each other and he was like, 'I loved your commercial, you were really good and I shouldn't be saying this but every time you bite your lip I got a massive erection.'"

Just take imagine Chris Hemsworth saying that to you for a minute...

FYI, this is what Chris wore to the Borat premiere:

Christie added that it was all in "jest", but to this day feels #blessed to have been the Pepsi girl to get ol' Chris all hot and bothered.

"He was taken at the time and it was all in jest but that's my claim to fame. I turned on Chris Hemsworth!" Christie said.

A round of applause for this incredible achievement.