DILF ALERT: Cole and Dylan Sprouse’s dad is pretty much their triplet

Gird your loins for Matthew Sprouse, people.

By Natasha Harding
cole dylan sprouse dad

Just when you thought we were pretty bless'd already with Cole Sprouse having an equally hot twin, Dylan, it turns out the gods sent us a THIRD Sprouse man to froth over: Daddy Sprouse.

Of course, it all started when the internet was doing what it does best: sleuthing.

One fan was trawling through the archives of Cole's Instagram (love your work) when they discovered this throwback shot Cole shared of his dad back in 2015 and holy sh*t, there's one helluva family resemblance.

Gird your loins people, 'cos here's Matthew Sprouse:

Cole even sounds pretty shook at their likeness, writing the caption "Here's a #tbt to my pops and I (could be Dylan???). Uncanny how much we ended up looking like him."

Meanwhile, here's all we have to say on the matter:

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For comparison, here are the boys:

The takeaway? The Sprouse family gene pool is mighty fine.