Cole Sprouse addresses Lili Reinhart dating rumours

Let us investigate.

If you’re obsessed with Riverdale as much as we are rn, you’re probably also adoring the sweet, pure, love that is Betty and Jughead (aka Bughead) and tbh how can you not? They’re just so freakin' precious.

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We know the cast are super close IRL, but Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart seem to have a special kinda relationship, leading many fans (including us) to speculate whether or not these two are off-screen loves as well.

Wishful thinking? Perhaps..

But allow us to look at the evidence.

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1. They went to Debby Ryan’s house together to hang out with her cats.

2. Cole used Lili as his model for his photoshoot

3. Just LOOK at the way he looks at her

4. There was also that time they took a photo with a fan and looked super ~coupley~

Okay, so our evidence might be weak AF, but we just really, really want them to be together. Can you blame us?

When speaking to MTV News recently, Cole was asked about the duo’s lowkey photo shoot trip together, where he seemingly shut down the rumours that the pair are an IRL couple.

"Lili and I play characters who are dating, so just about any time she and I go out into the wilderness, it's 'Oh my god!' But truthfully, I'm a sucker for friends, fashion, and framing," Cole admitted.

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Whatever, Cole.

We’re just going to sit here and pretend like you didn’t say that and that you guys are secretly in love but you both don't even know it yet, Okay? Pls just let us have this. We need this.

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