Cosmo chats ‘Chuck Norris’ with Laura Michelle

Cos Chuck Norris doesn’t just appear in any music video, he appears in THE music video.

What do you do if you’re obsessed with the biggest, badass meme star of all time?

If you’re singer-songwriter Laura Michelle, the answer’s simple. You write a song about him and invite him to star in your debut music video. Casual.

We spoke to the LA songbird about her single Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris IRL, the BEST pyjamas ever and how she deals with shit that lyfe sends her way.

Cosmo: Tell us about the Chuck Norris music video.

LM: This song is about embracing who you are and finding that part of you [that] you hold back, but always wish you didn’t. It’s like finding your inner Chuck Norris. I often use humour as a coping mechanism. So, although the video shows this funny, quirky side of me, there is a meaning behind every scene that pertains to my life. Some things are twisted or exaggerated, but it all still comes back to my real life somehow.

Cosmo: So, Chuck Norris. Spill.

LM: One, he was a martial arts champion and actually created his own system called Chun Kuk Do. That alone makes me think he’s badass! But, then he gives back to society with his charity and that makes me think he’s even more badass. Two, my dad was ill a lot of my life and, in the last four or so years of his life, we somehow started watching Walker, Texas Ranger together. It became our thing. In the video you’ll see a photo of my dad and me next to the photo of Chuck Norris. As you can see, there’s a huge sentimentality there. To me Chuck is the most badass person because of his well roundedness.

Cosmo: What can we expect from yourupcoming album, Novel With No End?

LM: You can expect to hear variety on my album.It’s a window into the last couple years of my life – my ups, my downs. There are pissed off, angry songs where someone tried to walk all over me. There are quirky songs that just kind of popped into my head and, of course, there are serious songs. Behind all my humour and quirkiness lies real emotion and hurt. Humour is a definite coping mechanism for me.

Cosmo: Tell us about the album’s name.

LM: The album is named after one of the songs, Novel With No End. It’s the song I wrote about my father. Unfortunately, he passed away when I was 15 and, like you can imagine, it was a massive blow and had a huge impact on who I am. There are so many emotions and thoughts I’ve never voiced on the topic; I used this song to do so. My dad loved the fact I could sing. He was always asking me to sing for him so it seemed only fitting that I name the record after him in some way. Also, because the album is inspired by my life over the last couple years, Novel With No End was fitting because I’m not done telling my story just yet.

Cosmo: Your style is refreshing and not crazy revealing.

LM: I’m about comfort. I’m personally not comfortable showing everything off; in my eyes there’s no reason to. I have a sort of rule – if your dress, skirt or shorts are short, then you cover up top. If you’re showing cleavage, then the bottom is covered. There are many ways to be sexy and stylish and everyone has their personal preference, mine is that you don’t need to give away all the goods.

Cosmo: What are your favourite brands?

LM: I love the way Frame Denim fits me and I really like Current Elliot, especially their denim shirts. I unbutton them, roll the cuffs up and wear them over t-shirts. Vince sweaters are amazing. I have a lot of great jackets and pants from Helmut Lang and I absolutely adore Alexander McQueen. I love the mix of rock ‘n roll and classic, so I gravitate towards that in a brand. Oh, and I LOVE PJ Salvage pyjamas! I actually am wearing a pair in the video. In terms of shoes, I love Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Rag & Bone, YSL, Gucci… the list goes on. I might have a problem.

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