The 15 most batshit crazy things Kanye West tweeted this week

In the words of the man himself: that shit cray.

By Lorna Gray
The 15 most batshit crazy things Kanye West tweeted

Kanye West been most entertaining(?) on Twitter lately. He started an epic fight with Wiz Khalifa, announced he’s $53 million in debt, went crazy at Puma over Kylie Jenner, said something f*cked about Bill Cosby. All while bigging up The Life of Pablo. Obvs.

This week, he’s continued sporadic bursts of WTF. So much so, we’re genuinely worried he’s having some sort of existential crisis. He’ll be alright though, he’s Kanye. Here are the best batshit crazy things he’s said this week. A retrospective, if you will. And trust us, we could’ve picked at least 20…

1. Asked Mark Zuckerberg to invest 1 billion dollars in “Kanye West ideas.”

2. His reasoning for asking Mark Zuckerberg to invest 1 billion dollars.

3. When he truly misunderstood the phrase ‘people in glass houses’ when it came to gloating about financial situations.

4. When he shared some solid self-belief.

5. When he invited us to party.

6. This cry for help.

7. And this REVELATION.

8. (You’re confusing us more with your spelling, mate.)

9. More profound insights. This time, concerning Puff Daddy.

10. When he was succinct in his instructions.

11. This ground-breaking epiphany.

12. When he became a warrior for social justice and began a crusade for education (his heart’s totes in the right place here, TBF).

13. When he asked the creative director of the house of Louis Vuitton to be his best friend. *can’t breathe* *lolling too hard at “Let’s be best friends!!!”*

14. When he gave himself another little pat on the back.

15. When he actually acknowledged his ego.

Tune in next week for more Yeezy adventures!*


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