Dancing policeman who gave us all the feels at One Love Manchester speaks out

'We do care about what we do.'

He melted hearts around the world when he was filmed dancing with a group of kids at Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester benefit concert, now the ‘dancing policeman’ has been identified as Police Constable Paul Taylor.

The clip shows the 50-year-old holding hands with young concertgoers in a ‘ring around the rosy’ style dance, and brought on all the feels across social media, with viewers praising Paul for embodying ‘the spirit of Manchester’.

One BBC reporter admitted the moving clip was the moment ‘he broke’, while another dubbed it as ‘the best moment of the night’.

After the power of the internet lead to him being identified as the Durham Police officer, the father-of-two revealed he had no idea he was even being filmed at the time.

“I was approached by these two girls — I think they were sisters about 7 or 8 years old. They asked for a photograph, which I was more than happy to do,” he told PEOPLE, adding, “Then it was a case of them saying ‘Now you’re going to dance with us!’ You can’t say no – I was more than happy.”

“I didn’t realise anything would come of it, and wasn’t aware that it had been filmed… It’s not every often as a police officer you get to witness that and work on something like that. There is another side to it too – it shows that the police have a human side,” he said. “We do care about what we do, and the fact that we put a smile on peoples’ faces, I am more than happy to do that.”

Faith in humanity = restored.

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