Dane Cook, 45, is totally smitten with his teenage girlfriend Kelsi Taylor

The actor can't stop gushing over the 19-year-old on social media.

Remember Dane Cook? Dane Cook, noughties leading man of Good Luck Chuck (starring Jessica Alba) and My Best Friend's Girl (with Kate Hudson) fame? Well it appears that Cook's real life love interest is much, much (much??) younger than he is.

Cook, 45, has been dating 19-year-old girlfriend Kelsi Taylor for the last year and despite the couple's 26-year age gap, their social media posts would lead you to believe they're very happy.

The pair often share special selfie moments together like trips away, dates to the movies and even Taylor's recent 19th birthday. In fact, since the relationship started, usually rough talking stand-up comic Cook has been keen to show his softer side and hasn't held back in his very public proclamations of love on the 'gram.

Of his singer GF (Taylor recently scored a gig as a backup singer for Demi Lovato) Cook has gushed and called the teen "a gift" and his "best friend". He's even gone so far as to claim the pair are "#relationshipgoals".

Dane -- who once dated Julianne Hough -- even tries to support his lady-love's aspiring music career telling his 666k followers, "Check out her music and get to know her. She's gonna go far!"

And Kelsi has been equally ardent in expressing her feelings for her older boyfie saying she's "lost in a bubble of happiness".

Obviously, the pair do cop a bit of flack for their huge age difference but Dane is not the first celeb to date a woman decades younger than him (lookin' at you Jason Statham, who is 20-years older than baby mama, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley).

Despite the shade, Dane and Kelsi don't seem too fussed so looks like we can expect more "#relationshipgoals" pics for some time to come...