Demi Lovato is in serious danger

This is actually terrifying.

By Matt Galea
Demi Lovato is in serious danger

OK, we really don’t want to alarm anyone, but one of your favourite celebs, Demi Lovato is in serious danger RN.

The 24-year-old singer owns a house in the opulent Hollywood Hills in the California region that is notorious for earthquakes, storms and landslides.

Well, on Monday night the former Disney star got a little taste of the natural dangers of the Hills as a house above hers was attacked by storms and a mudslide.

TMZ reports that 20 tons of dirt and mud came crash down the hill and crashed into two houses next to her home, and if the conditions get any worse, it’s possible that her home could be affected as well.

The debris took out major power poles in the area, causing 400 nearby residents to lose access to their power.

Some residents also reported a gas leak in the area and a crew from Southern California Gas Co turned off the gas at homes affected by the landslide.

Five homes have been evacuated, just to be on the safe side.

The unfortunate landslide is very similar to another incident earlier this year when TV host Mario Lopez lost his backyard as it collapsed onto the street below.

Her home is in the Laurel Canyon area which is in close proximity to another house that was damaged earlier this month and saw part of its foundation slide down the hill.

The only good news is that Demi hasn’t officially moved in yet!

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The ’Stone Cold’ singer bought the house for $8.3 million back in September.

The beautiful home is 5,546 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 5 1/2 baths.

Not too sure if Dems is going to want to move in after hearing about the natural disasters that struck in her new hood recently.

Back away Dems, back away!

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