Freshly released emails appear to reveal Dr. Luke fat shamed Kesha for drinking a Diet Coke

Kesha filed the emails in court as part of an ongoing legal battle.

It’s been a year since a judge ruled that Kesha couldn’t walk away from her contract with Sony – and music producer Dr. Luke – but the legal battle is ongoing.

This week, Kesha’s attorney filed papers in court, showing what they claim to be emails from Dr. Luke to fat shame the pop star.

Various sources – including Page Six and The Daily Mail – have published details from the emails, which allegedly document conversations between Dr. Luke and Kesha’s manager Monica Cornia.

The email exchange is said to have taken place in 2012, when Dr. Luke criticised Kesha for breaking her juice cleanse. “We were having a discussion on how she can be more disciplined with her diet,” Dr. Luke allegedly wrote to Cornia.

“There have been many times we have all witnessed her breaking her diet plan. This particular time - it happened to be Diet Coke and turkey while on an all juice fast. We just wanna see her stick to the plan for her benefit and the benefit of her career. Please help her stick to her diet.”

As Kesha’s friend and manager, Cornia allegedly responded, “… to get in trouble for drinking a Diet Coke and called out in from of the whole room when she’s not there is not okay. If she were gaining weight or not losing it, I would totally get it. Everyone wants her to be the best she can be but she is still a human being who has feelings and major insecurities.”

In early 2013, Kesha tweeted about her experience on a juice cleanse.

The Daily Mail obtained the court documents in their entirety. They can be viewed here.