Drake and J. Lo spent New Year's Eve together because they in luuuve

Looks like this romance is heating up, FAST.

By Isabelle Truman

First, Drake and J. Lo shared the exact same photo (at the exact same time?) of them snuggled up on the couch. Then Rihanna swiftly unfollowed them both, and the world decided that the pair were either making music together and f*cking with us big time, or a (kinda random) hot, new couple.

But now it seems that DraLo (yep, that's right) is most definitely a thing with Jenny from the block cancelling a New Year's Eve performance in Miami, just to spend time with her new man.

Lopez reportedly arrived to the Las Vegas nightclub with Drake at 10pm on the 31st for dinner with a group of friends, before dancing away to her boy's set.

After the show, the lovebirds left out a back door holding hands. We're guessing not before sharing a New Year's Eve smooch somewhere private.

They were spotted together AGAIN the next night, this time at the MCM Grand having a bit of a gamble.

Sorry RiRi, these two are looking pretty darn serious RN.