Drake Bell just had an EPIC birthday party and guess who wasn’t invited

Just wait until you see the photo he got printed on the top of his cake...

By Natasha Harding
Drake Bell

It’s been two weeks since Drake Bell was awkwardly not invited to Josh Peck’s wedding but, after posting and deleting some sassy tweets in the heat of the moment, it looks like Drake’s totally over the low-key shade.

The proof? Just this weekend, Drake threw an epic bday bash to celebrate turning 31 and it looked like one HELLUVA night.

Dressed in a dapper white suit with a sleek bow tie, Drake was obvs having the time of his life with heaps of fam and friends in LA.

Amongst the guests was apparently Drake’s other Drake & Josh co-star, Miranda Cosgrove, who revealed in an interview last week that she would be at the party and, like Drake, didn’t attend Josh’s wedding…

Not surprisingly, Josh was nowhere to be seen. LOL.

~Dramah~ aside, the best part of the night was deffs the cake, which was decorated with a GINORMOUS pic of Drake on the top.

The pic came from a recent shoot Drake did for Flaunt mag and, TBH, it's kinda amazing.

While we're not about to go and choose a topless pic of ourselves to sit on our next bday cake, we're all for Drake feelin' himself after a couple of rough weeks.

You do you, Drake.

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