Drake and Jennifer Lopez basically just announced they're dating

Rihanna has unfollowed them both.

By Erin Van Der Meer
Drake and Jennifer Lopez basically just announced they're dating

Drake and Jennifer Lopez are either a) f*cking with us big time or b) AN ACTUAL COUPLE.

While you were sleeping Drake and JLo uploaded the same photo to their Instagram accounts at the exact same time: a shot of them snuggling in a ~very~ couple-y way.

Neither post had a caption, but really, what words are needed? It appears after she posted a selfie with him a week ago and he attended her Vegas concert two nights in a row, DraLo/JDrizzy really is a thing.

Unless of course, they’re working on new music together. But does that photo look like ‘working on new music’ to you? Over the Christmas/NYE period? Puh. Lease.

Rihanna seems to think it’s legit, because according to E News! she unfollowed both Drake and JLo over the weekend. Rih is “petty AF”, as she said herself, after all.

They’re both single after she split from long-time partner Casper Smart in August and Drake’s romance with Rihanna went dead once again in September (sigh), so what’s to stop these two insanely hot and talented people from hooking up?

This year has been a rough one for celebrity break-ups, but this latest development gives some hope for some exciting new couples on the horizon in 2017. DraLo, we're behind you.