So Drake and Jennifer Lopez went on another date

Could DraLo be for real?

By Erin Van Der Meer
Drake and Jennifer Lopez go on another date

They snuggled up together at Christmas and oddly shared the exact same photo at the exact same time on Instagram, and now Drake and Jennifer Lopez are up to something again.

As photos published by TMZ reveal, the rapper and the singer were spotted having dinner at fancy LA restaurant Nobu this week. They were spotted leaving with their arms wrapped around each other as they headed to a waiting car, and according to a source they were quite affectionate inside the venue, too.

“Drake had his arm around her and they looked very cozy,” the insider told People. “They seemed to have a lot to talk about and looked very happy together. Jen was giggling. Drake was very flirty with her and you could tell that she had a great time.”

These two definitely have a vibe that’s totally in sync – you can just imagine them grinding on each other ~up in the club~ or curled up in front of a fireplace, sipping drinks and feeding grapes to each other. The only thing that makes us question whether DraLo is the real deal is that they’re rumoured to have a song coming out together soon. So could this be a publicity stunt? Does a Drake and JLo song even need a publicity stunt to promote it? Isn’t that exciting enough in itself?