Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson just recreated your fave ‘90s photo


By Natasha Harding
Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Dwayne Johnson has had one helluva career. Since his early wrestling days, [The Rock] has gone on to become a [famous actor], named ‘the sexiest man alive’ and is now even considering running for President of the United States. But Dwayne fans will always hold a special place in the OG ‘90s hunk. More specifically, this throwback picture of him in a turtleneck:

The Rock has said in the past that, "the funniest thing about this picture is, this is not a joke. I walked out of the house like this. Like: Hey baby, this is it, right?’".

Now, in what can only be described as a GLORIOUS turn of events, Dwayne has gone and recreated said picture for an ep of Saturday Night Live.

The result? Bloody fantastic.

There are no words, only feels.

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