BREAKING NEWS: Ed Sheeran cancels his world tour

Hope you’re okay, Ed.

News that Ed Sheeran had been in a car accident this week left us shook, but now we’re even more devo, because our favourite ginger singer has been so badly injured that he has had to cancel his world tour.

The accident involved Ed, on his bike, colliding with a car and landing him in hospital.

The singer has now taken to Instagram to share his news. Paired with a picture of his arm in a cast, he has posted this message:

While we are gutted for those countries listed that will miss out on some solid Ed time, we can’t help but be massively concerned that the Australian leg of his tour will be cancelled too.

Ed Sheeran is due to hit Australian arenas in March 2018, giving him around four months to heal completely.

PLZ PRAY TO THE BONE GODS. Get better real soon Ed!

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