Ed Sheeran deletes his Twitter account after getting dragged for his 2010 tweets

TBH some of the stuff Ed tweeted in 2010 was cooked.

ed sheeran twitter account

Ed Sheeran, our beloved ginger muppet, has taken a break from the flack he's copped about his unexpected Game of Thrones cameo, and... and instead is dealing with the drama arising from a BuzzFeed article about the singer’s Twitter account.

The article was titled, '24 Tweets Ed Sheeran Will Probably Delete Soon’ and listed tweets from waaaaay back in 2010, that, we’ll admit were a little tasteless.

Firstly, despite his eloquent lyrics that have a tendency to make ladies weak at the knees, if you wind back the clock to seven or so years ago, he was singing a bit of a different tune…

But, he still managed to show some serious appreciation for one lady in particular. Who did he choose? The one and only, Mila Kunis.

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…But then he swung back around to just being a bit shit again:

Look, we agree that he probably didn’t pick the beeeeest phrases for his Twitter-spiels, but, we’re sure that if you looked back at your Facebook statuses or, god forbid, Bebo updates from back then you would probs be as equally disappointed in yourself.

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But BuzzFeed’s naming and shaming of Ed and his bad chat may has resulted in much more than the news outlet could have predicted: Ed didn’t just delete those tweets, he deleted his whole Twitter account!

Fans, obviously, were not chuffed with this news and are blaming a combo of BuzzFeed and Game Of Thrones cameo haters.

Despite jumping ship from the Twittersphere, Ed still seems to be a happy chappy, posting on Instagram that he is enjoying his time in Peru with his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn.