Ed Sheeran is so totally done with social media

waves goodbye sadly

By Bianca Mastroianni

After wrapping up his mammoth 'X' world tour of 179 shows, Ed Sheeran has announced that after his final show in New Zealand he is taking a looooong break, which kinda makes us wanna cry a 'lil bit.

Not only will Ed be taking a break from live gigs to focus on his new ~mUsIc~ but he let us know VIA social media that he ain't got no time FOR social media anymore...

He explains his decision as "I find myself seeing the world through a screen and not my eyes."


"I'm taking a break from my phone, emails and all social media for a while,' he wrote, adding: "I've had such an amazing ride over the last 5 years."

"I'm taking this opportunity of me not having to be anywhere or do anything to travel the world and see everything I missed.

"To my family and friends, if you love me you will understand me buggering off for a bit. To my fans, the 3rd album is on its way and is the best thing I have made thus far.

"See you all next autumn, and thank you for being amazing."

So this is basically him RN:

Bye, Ed!

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