BREAKING: A second rape accusation has been made against Ed Westwick

Aurélie Wynn has shared her story.

TRIGGER WARNING: Rape, Sexual Assault

This week Ed Westwick was caught up in what some are calling the ‘Harvey Weinstein Effect’, as one actress — Kristina Cohen — took to Facebook to accuse the Gossip Girl actor of raping her three years ago. She also backed her Facebook status by filing a police report, meaning Ed is currently under investigation.

Now, a second actress — Aurélie Wynn — has spoken up about a very similar experience she had with the Gossip Girl star, claiming that he pushed her face down, ripped her swimsuit and raped her when she was at his rental place (along with other friends) in July 2014.

She thanked Kristina for coming forward with her accusation, and aptly ended her Facebook post with #metoo. Aurélie also recounted that she told the guy she was seeing at the time, Mark Salling from Glee who has just pleaded guilty to child pornography charges, but that Mark “pretended not to know him [Ed Westwick], then blamed me for it and broke it off with me.”

You can read her whole Facebook statement here:

Ed Westwick has remained silent on the accusations since posting a very firm message on his Instagram, responding to Kristina (the first accuser) by saying “I do not know this woman. I have never forced myself in any manner, on any woman. I certainly have never committed rape.”

Jessica Serfaty, Ed’s long term girlfriend (with whom he has a matching tattoo with), may have shared her comment on the situation too, by posting a ‘Bullshit’ picture on Instagram and captioning it, “Nah, thanks mate. l ain’t havin any of that.”