There was a very hot Gossip Girl reunion over the weekend

Spotted: Chuck and Nate bro-ing out on the West Coast.

Ed Westwick Chace Crawford

Over the weekend, Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford attended the City Year Los Angeles Spring Break Fundraiser – a charity that raises money to help keep kids in school. Over $1.5million, to be precise. It also happened to bring two of the Upper East Side’s most beautiful specimens together again. A worthy cause, indeed.

It’s unclear whether the real-life Chuck and Nate interacted beyond the glorious photo opp below but who doesn’t love a mini Gossip Girl reunion? Especially when it involves these guys bro-ing out on the West Coast?

Our inner Gossip Girl instincts (not to mention their smirks and the drink in Chace’s hand) suggest the night might have ended up like the below GIF.

Our detective work here is done. Until next time, XOXO.